What is Potash(K) ?

Potash (K) is one of the three primary nutrients (N, P, K).
  • Potassium (K) is a soft and light alkali metal of a silver-white colour. Sylvite and carnallite are the two minerals with the highest concentration of potassium.
  • Most crops need potassium (K) much more than any other nutrient elements.
  • In plant cells potassium (K) is present in the form of salts in the cell sap and in the cytoplasm. It is one of the most vital elements.
  • Potash and phosphates are extracted from the ground through mining processes. 
  • Brazil is the world’s fastest growing fertiliser market.
  • Fertiliser demand in Brazil will grow twice as fast as overall global demand.
  • Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, coffee and orange juice and the 2nd largest in soybean exports.
  • Brazil imports 90% of its potash.