Sergi Potash Project

The Sergi project is located in the Sergipe Basin and covers an area of 65 sq. km.

  • Ideally situated within 40km south of Vale’s Taquari-vassouras potash mine and plant.
  • High grade and economic zones of Potash intercepted:
    Upper zone,  8.27m intercept averaging 20.94% KCl, including 5.08m at 24.84% KCl.
    Lower zone, 8.46m intercept averaging 28.98% KCl, including 5.47m at 39.65% KCl.
    Upper zone, 12.81m intercept averaging 16.70% KCl.
    Lower zone, 5.56m interceort averaging 21.11% KCl.
  • Full review underway by Garrisons in house Potash expert.
  • Release of tonnage and grade Exploration target in coming weeks.
  • Basic parameter economic scoping study commenced, based on underground development and utilising Vales infrastructure and plant.
  • Low capex expected due to existing infrastructure.